About Us

Downingtown West Girls Athletics (DWGA) is a 509a2 public charity organized as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Pennsylvania. DWGA exists to provide opportunities for female athletes to compete at higher levels of play, beyond “recreational” sports. This level of play is often referred to as “travel” or “select”.

Our focus will always be on the development of the individual, both as a competitor and as a leader. Athletics are merely the medium by which valuable life lessons and tools are provided. These include the development of resilience, self-esteem, adversity quotient, anxiety management, humility, strength, focus, and leadership.

Please visit our donation page and consider making a tax deductible donation as an individual or from your company to reduce the financial barrier for young female athletes.

Unlike recreational youth sports organizations, DWGA will host tryouts and selectively invite capable athletes to roster on its teams. While we endeavor to maximize playing times for all athletes, equal play is not guaranteed. Winning matters. The score matters. We encourage our coaches to take as much risk as possible with lineup selection during each game while still ensuring optimal team performance.

Our teams are structured around and by the Head Coach. The Head Coach is the single most important selection decision that DWGA can make. The Head Coach drives the entirety of the athlete experience. If you would like to Head Coach a team in a sport, do contact us to learn how DWGA can support you administratively while you focus on being the best coach you can be. Visit the Coach with Us page to learn more.


We currently have teams competing in fastpitch softball and basketball. Again this is driven by the Head Coach. As Head Coaches approach us for any sport, we can evaluate the fielding of a team for that sport.

Our softball teams compete as Downingtown Storm. Our basketball teams compete as Downingtown Hot Shots.