The cost of travel sports can be significant. Depending on the sport, the training hours per week, tournament registration fees, training facilities, equipment, supplies, and paid coaching, team dues can range from $1,000 to $10,000+ per year before any overnight travel costs. One of DWGA’s goals is to reduce the financial barrier to entry for young female athletes.

One of the ways we accomplish this goal is by making the deliberate choice to not employ paid head coaches. This reduces operating costs significantly. This means that we rely heavily on parents that possess valuable playing experience to head coach. Some of our head coaches have played at the collegiate level. All have played at the high school level.

After avoiding costs, hosting tournaments and opening practices to approved drop-in athletes helps raise funds to lower team dues. We also organize recreational basketball for parents. On occasion, we will also host clinics for younger athletes. Clinics also provide an opportunity for our rostered athletes to lead. We also host special team building events open to the public. All of these fundraising channels help raise funds and further keep team dues low.


Tax deductible donations from individuals, companies, and organizations are a tremendous help to reducing financial barriers for young female athletes and their families. Please consider providing a donation using our credit card donation page:

Downingtown West Girls Athletics Donation Page

If you would like your organization to be mentioned or promoted on our various social media pages, websites, or team gear, please contact us to do so.

Spirit Wear Stores

Do consider making a purchase from our team spirit wear stores. Every purchase that you, your family, and friends make provides a small contribution towards offsetting team dues and expenses. This allows us to keep those dues as low as possible for our players and their families.

Click here to visit the Downingtown Storm Softball spirit wear store.