Coach With Us

Positively coaching kids to develop into competitive athletes and confident people is one of the most rewarding pursuits that we can undertake. There is always a shortage of good coaches. If you would like to Head Coach but cringe at the administrative and logistical requirements off the field, court, course, or mat, Downingtown West Girls Athletics (DWGA) can help.

DWGA can perform the following support services so you can focus on the field, court, course, or mat:

  1. Financial Management – account receivable, accounts payable, bookkeeping and accounting.
  2. Liability Protection – nonprofit corporation status provides an additional layer to protect your personal assets.
  3. Insurance Management – reduce overhead cost and burden by leveraging our organizational policies.
  4. Facilities Management – as a nonprofit entity, we can secure discounted rates for public assets like school district fields and gyms.
  5. Social Media Management – who has time to create and manage another social media account for the team? We’ve got you covered.
  6. Recruiting Support – player recruiting can be part of the coaching experience as players age out or retire from the sport.
  7. Coaching Assist – when you can’t make a game or practice, leverage our network of coaches to call in an assist.
  8. Fundraising Support – this is a time consuming endeavor and important for you families. We can help here in addition to simply asking for donations as a public charity.
  9. Tournament Registration – searching for and registering for tournaments is another pain that those who haven’t coached don’t appreciate.
  10. Uniform Ordering – sizing kits, reliable vendors, returns, etc. are a big hassle.

Contact us to start the conversation.